Friday, October 31, 2014

the not so OK corral

Before the end of the century it was discovered in united snakes of amerikkka there was land that was privately owned now what was going on this land was truly a crime against humanity very horrific not terrific. Beings that lacked melanin in their epidermis coralled melanated beings. They were kept as animals treated like livestock. This evil family had kept  melanated beings captive centuries being that they had utilized tricknology and all types of mental manipulation. They continuously programmed their ancestors to believe that it was OK to be in the state they were being kept in. They were seduced with white sugar,salt,bleached white flour byproducts. Which scientists from every field has deemed bleached elements very detrimental to human health. The not so OK corral was a colony that naive melanated beings flocked to thinking that the pale beings were benevolent. Of course it was all type of oogeddeeeeboogedee .

Friday, May 10, 2013


as THIS OCCURRED IN A VERY POSSIBLE HIGHLY LIKELY FUTURE. being THAT THE FUTURE IS ALWAYS 1 SECOND AHEAD. With great pleasure of black couples in love the probability was very high for a young black man to be with a wombman of his own kind to not be laced with children. And as the same for her. As they were able to escape and make exodus back to the land of their mother. The terrible event they were able to escape was called phase four  it was a terrible product of the banksters to transform humans into targets for the military. How so well they mutated them into biohazard terrorists the first offense was when they relocated alot of ethnic melanated beings to a new government housing facility that was built on a toxic waste dump. Being that they were moved for free into these newer larger homes estimated at a quarter mil. they did not pass up the opportunity homeland security and police presence provided the so called opportunity for victims to feel like they were being protected. Especially with it being they were tearing down alot of public housing on a nation wide scale due to the banksters calling it prime real estate and them working with the city to redevelop the landscape.
However as time went by the hundreds and thousands of residence many were bodily able just fell into the trap and the bait was free. This was a political plan that was placed by obama administrators and the members of his cabinet. 
If we can envision acres of land upon acres doubled by miles to provide free public housing for those able bodied humans not willing to work. For people who insisted on continuously living as victims of past happenings most were implanted with the ideas with the influence of the music produced by their favorite artists who dwell in higher accommodations. What a paradox of an oxymoron. These recording artists perpetuate self hate self loathing a do nothing attitude also promoting living in sub standard living conditions. Not to say where all melanated beings live is sub standard only those that believe the lie of the hood.
But being that they these wealthy music celebs live in gated communities with high ranking political,military figures whom would have no parts of that nonsense it is only fitting that the government would use these coons to piedpiper the undesirables into a wasteland where as sooner than soon within years they would mutate into biohazard and deemed as weapons of mass destruction.
This is how it began by offering free housing,medicine and food also free furnishings of these homes with 99.66 percent of materials from other countries whose quality standards are very very different from ours .

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

No Small Thing

In this microcosm scheme of things we enter into the minds of two people by the name of Mel Blucknuurd and Feemail Blucknuurd. They live in the realm of the diaspora more so in the perimeters of their thoughts which have been shaped and molded by the society in which they live. They are a couple and remain true to their selves as much as possible no skin bleaching no blue contacts. They apparently appear to bee black.
    However their lies the constraints of their minds what could be the cause of this turbulence.  We are going to have to look back to sea if they will ever make it to the U.C.N. All simply because of their thought process. Who are they?
     Mel Blucknuurd lived with both parents raised in the suburbs in the northern coast of Amerikka.  As well as Feemail Blucknuurd. This literary manifesto is an  intellectual decree  so we can redesign our minds and retrain our brains that will benefit us into the conscious existence of tangible  success and prosperity. Real true nirvana. Mel Blucknuurd has had his share of ratchet females of all sizes, shapes and  hues. The same thing remains is the psycho psychology this has knot deterred him from dating females or his own kind thank goodness. Mel and Feemail met while in college.
The t9 they spent with each other is worthwhile and helps forge a better bond which unseen  and seen in so many ways yet undisturbed and unbroken constantly remaining intact.

Monday, January 2, 2012

USAGE knot waste a trillion dollar idea

Even in this times of uncertainty across the spectrum people realized the greatest power is people power. They realized they inpowered those that left them powerless.Intellects and the so called meek agreed. It first began as a noble act to provide Vitality Water to The MotherLand. However the corps of rations shipped in plastic. Which is already known for its unhealthy side effects. A young wiseman who lived in the snow belt of the mid western region of C.O.N.U.S. came up with an idea to harvest water in its pure form of rain and snow. Many people have for a long time been doing this.
A wealthy land baron now a snow baron thought to turn his land into a pure water collection sight.The water is collected before it hits the ground by using folding squares. Very similar in the formation of solar panels. It is collected in these containers made of surgical stainless steel. Some families have pooled their resources and started collecting snow as a collective and selling this potable water for a nominal fee. Which it benefits them financially also.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The U.C.N Real Eyes

Many are called few are chosen it was known as The Great Migration The U.C.N is for the people that really truly realize their physio-chemical composition the definition of the hueman beings on Earth blessed with melanin. This recognition starts in the mind. The U.C.N only exists in the minds-heart-soul of those who realize they are a Divine Creation with a Divine Purpose.
The U.C.N is only for trailblazers,pioneers-imagineers and innovators those that take initiative. Even though it will consist of of some curious individuals who are spectators. The United Continent of Nubia is a place that will consists of many consistent stories that will echo through each pocket of terrain.
It will be very different from what they were accustomed to. This will truly be a nurturing environment. The essence of the environment and what it represents will nurture agreeable actions through out .
However there will be some instances of chaos. There will be crevices of those agents of the disagreeable disorder who will seek to disrupt the wonderfullness. It will be a smooth transition for some. And for some it will be friction in adjusting to an ancient land in a futuristic era.
Many people preferred to take the DNA genome relativity test so that way they can show the people the relativity,kinship and that they do belong. The initiative these participants took to display the connection of their relation placed them in a great position.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Vital Element

For Carlos his still on the front as a cleaner of various insurgents with his special squad "crawlspace knights" they bust tanks to light aircraft on foot for 4th world towns and governments that can hire them they call it "god's work")
they use SEG (strength enhancement gear)except for Carlos and another with man his fighting ability they don't need enhancements AFGS (anti fragment gear and shielding) HDP (holographic decoy protection) and a
MSRRJN (moving squad radar radio jamming network) or "MJAM" or "Marmalade" and a couple of ATEP's (anti tank exoskeleton platform) "ayteps" or "bear suits" just to name a few. they call Carlos "sniperless" because of patch worked system of for-mentioned tech he uses that make him near impossible to snipe.(even their holograms carry fake heat signatures via HSB (heat signature ball or "hot potato") he is also know as "one man squad" his main function is scout but he may decimate the enemy as high as 49% (manned squad without vehicle)
okay some tanks of this time work a little different. the fire like machine guns and adjust themselves to fit into tight spaces (standing upright on all fours) and our half the size of current(SUV sized)
they must lured into close combat (here they can only use mg turrents los "line of sight") some do carry close quarter killers, 5% gas and mechanical or "knifearms or battering rams"
Carlos and co. are fighting a tank unit with the works
oh yeah crawlspace all have high end ID coded magnetic modular rifles and pistols mixed with classic anti tank
they can go short,med,to long range on the fly. This vital element has been designed by

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Coalition 53

This is a new story it takes place in the United Continent of Nubia.
The title will change for each volume.
Dark Secrets Vol 1
Dark Passions Vol 2
The Dark Passion Within Vol 3
The Deep Dark Secret Passion Vol 4

The Characters
Sahara , Botswana and
Rhodesia who may transform to Zimbabwe. This would take place at an
unknown later date. Sum other characters that will join them Sudan,Jordan& Chad. More will bee involved

Their features are various. Height,weight,skin complexions of all
shades melanin. Beautifully of course.

Story concept
These beautiful women are involved in a story. That depicts the name
of the history of the countries their named after. Modernized grown
and sexy. A sci-fi additive to the story is that they would have
wings. Taken forms
eagle,falcon,owl,humming bird and honey
bee. For every interaction with other characters there will be a
significant link historically. Many conclusions can be drawn. Many new
concepts can grow. They can even be members of a international
modeling agency. Promoting world peace, the fight against
war,genocide,racism,famine,disease and plague and many pertinent
issues. And as they try to get their point across. They encounter
lustful dictaors,politicians and ambassadors. Who could and should use
their influential power to help them. But would rather help themselves
to their beautiful bodies and covered treasures.
Some other characters to be involved
and Alaska
also Australia
This is mint two bee a story of futuristic socio political intrigue taken place in a futuristic Africa that has been a place of natural evolution. The characters are mostly women they are the administrators of the 53 Coalition.